Cold Comfort

23 November 2009

Cold Comfort takes Gunna to a new post and new responsibilities. In such a small community as Iceland it’s not easy to hide, but her team has been working on recapturing Long Ommi, an escaped convict who has managed to avoid being recaptured. As the man has also embarks on a spree of settling old scores in and around Reykjavík, she is also handed the task of tracking down the killer of a fitness guru in her own city-centre apartment.

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Excerpt from Cold Comfort

13 July 2010

Freedom tasted good. To Long Ómar Magnússon freedom tasted of hot dogs with ketchup and onions and washed down with a cold can of malt. He thrust out long legs beneath the café’s plastic table and belched luxuriously. A woman with a brood of children at the next table turned her head and frowned, but he met the woman’s stare and she thought better of saying anything.

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