About Frozen Out/Assets

23 November 2009

Frozen Out is set in the months leading up to the collapse of the banks in Iceland that paralysed the country’s economy at a time when this little society was already polarised by a whole raft of issues.

Gunnhildur, a sergeant at a police station in a rural area in southern Iceland has to investigate the identity of a man found drowned in the harbour of the fishing village of Hvalvík. Although the man appears to have been the victim of an accident, she feels that there is more to this than meets the eye and finds out that this was certainly the case as she follows the trail in spite of being discouraged from pursuing it.

Frozen Out is published in January 2011 in the UK by Constable & Robinson and by Soho Crime (as Frozen Assets) in the US.
A German version, Im Eisigem Wasser, published by Lübbe Verlag, will be available in autumn 2011.