What do you think of it so far?

24 April 2013

 How’s it been going so far? Chilled to the Bone was published a few weeks back (Kindle) and a week ago (old-fashioned paper), so here's a quick before-and-after roundup.

First there was the blog tour, starting with this one at the Reality Check, as usual. Then there was a guestspot for the lovely but mysteriously anonymous Bookcunt and a semi-rant about creative writing courses at Morgen Bailey's writing website. Then this one and this one at Paul D Brazill’s crime gaff and a guest slot in some excellent company at Murder is Everywhere, followed by a visit to Jim Thompson’s blog. All this topped off with an interview with Leigh Russell at Mystery People that’s also on Lizzie Hayes’s blog.

Reviews have been coming in, all of them so far ego-boosting ones. Sam at Hackwriters  clearly likes the book, as do Anne Cater with the random things that drop through her letterbox and Sue Magee at the Bookbag, plus a couple of positive reviews on Amazon.

But sales? Amazon rankings are as good as meaningless, and checking them too often leads to extreme paranoia and makes you cross-eyed, so no idea. Not a clue.

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