Cold Steak, sorry, Steal

24 April 2014


 Book number four, or number four-point-five, if you count the novella (Winterlude) published last year, is about to hit the shelves – virtual shelves, that is. Cold Steal is Kindle-only and I’ll be interested to see how it fares compared to the traditional dead tree books that preceded it.
For some unknown reason, my publisher decided to delay publication from 1st April to 1st May, so things have been put back a month for no discernible reason. There probably is a reason, but divulged only on a need-to-know basis to those with the correct security clearance, clipped tones and a regulation moustache.
It’s a while since I finished working on Cold Steal (which I consistently mistype as Cold Steak). Only a matter of weeks, admittedly. But in those weeks I’ve been so busy with other things – the day job, more Gunna, and an experimental jump sideways into something else that may well go nowhere – that the contents of Cold Steal have started to evaporate from my mind.
As I’m going to be reading a chunk of it out loud next week at a gathering in Newcastle, I’ve had to take a look through it again and then it all started to flood back. I hadn’t forgotten who the bad guy was, but it wasn’t far off... That's what happens when the next book starts to take over.
As Cold Steal is an e-book only, there’s none of those tedious problems with different UK and US publication dates. So it’s available everywhere from the 1st of May from your closest friendly kindle store, such as this one (UK) or here (US) or here (Canada) or here (Japan).










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