Happy New Year, everyone

31 December 2014

 For the last couple of years I’ve been busy elsewhere, busily blogging at the Reality Check along with Christopher G Moore, Jarad Henry, Susan Moody, Barbara Nadel and other good people. Sadly, but understandably, Christopher has decided to call time on the Reality Check, and although it’ll stay there as an archive, it won’t be continuing.
I feel badly bereft. The Reality Check has been great fun to write for, but the pressure of writing something interesting every week has been growing, and I guess Christopher has been finding it a struggle after running it so well since 2009.
So it’s time to breathe a little life back into this badly neglected old blog once again, and wish you all a happy new year at the same time.
2014 has been a good year, in spite of the odd hiccough here and there.
Cold Steal was published in May, and seems to have done fairly well, even though it was only published as an e-book. This happened in the midst of my publisher, Constable & Robinson, being taken over by Little, Brown. They have had to think about it for a while and things appear to be a little more stable now and there’s more Gunna on the way. There’s a e-book novella, Summerchill, due in 2015 and there’ll be a full-length novel called Thin Ice in 2016.
I’ve been translating this year as well, which has been something of a sidestep, but a worthwhile and fascinating one. If anyone thinks translation is a simple process, then good luck to them. It beats any crossword for keeping the grey cells in trim.
Kaen Sullivan of Orenda Books asked me to translate two of Ragnar Jónasson’s books into English for them, so Snowblind will be published in the middle of 2015 and Nightblind will follow in early 2016.
Apart from that, there was Iceland Noir in November, which was brilliant, my moderating debut at CrimeFest in the spring, appearances with Yrsa and Ragnar at Bloody Scotland and in Newcastle... so it has been a busy year.
Oh, and not long ago a beautiful and charming young lady came into this crusty old geezer’s life. She has it all, good looks, a winning smile, red hair and I reckon she has brains and wit as well. Here we are together.



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