Time to blow off the dust...

12 February 2016

Thin IceIt’s a been a while. The blog has been sadly neglected, but it’s time to blow off the dust, sweep the cobwebs out of the corners and give this blog a lick of paint.

There’s a new book on the way, at long last. For a variety of reasons, Thin Ice is a little later appearing than I would have liked. In fact, it should have been here some time last year, but… y’know, stuff happens and much of it has been beyond my control.

But it’s here at last, a full length Gunnhildur novel that’s published on old-fashioned paper as well as in e-book format. The boat is being pushed out with this one. There’s a proper book launch, something I haven’t been able to do before. In fact, there are two… If something’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

There’s also a blog tour. I asked Linda MacFadyen to organise this as she had done such a fine job doing the same thing for Torquil MacLeod’s last book, and she has excelled herself. The Thin Ice blog tour quickly took on epic proportions and there are more than 30 dates between 27th of February and the 2nd of April.

Check out the poster for the names and the dates of each blog. It’s a mixture of positive (one hopes) reviews, Q&As and some guest articles, spread across the blogosphere for a month. 




Thin Ice takes place in winter but not yet Christmas. It’s a cold day when two mismatched criminals pull a robbery, relieving one of the city’s dope kingpins of a bag of his finest merchandise and an even bigger bag of his money. Things almost immediately begin to go wrong for the pair as their escape route turns out to be a dead end. Panicking, they carjack two women and force them to drive out into the countryside.

By the time the petrol runs out, they’re stranded in a hotel that’s been closed for the winter. And then the snow starts to come down…

Gunna and her team are given a missing persons inquiry to handle, trying to locate two women who have unaccountably vanished, as well as dealing with the death in a house fire of a petty criminal.

Meanwhile, tensions are rising at the hotel as the two criminals plot a way to leave the country, while Gunna and her team search for the two missing women and the underworld looks for the fugitive criminals, and the money.


Thin Ice is available from Amazon.co.ukAmazon.comAmazon.de and Amazon.fr, as well as from the finest bookshops.


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