Blog tour – all over

3 April 2016

Thin IceIt’s all over. The blog tour winds down.

The blog tour around the launch of Thin Ice (my fourth novel, or seventh, depending on how you count them) came to an end on the 1st of April after  monumental 35 dates.

Blog tours have become part of the armoury of any author trying to attract attention to a new book, and I’m a little late to the party, never having done an organised blog tour for previous books. This time it seemed like a good idea to push the boat out and put together a proper blog tour, so I asked Linda MacFadyen to do the hard work of organising it all as she has done this kind of work before for other writers and I was confident she’d persuade a dozen or so bloggers to host a review of Thin Ice or an interview.

A dozen. That was the idea. But it grew rapidly. The final tally was a massive thirty-six dates, starting a week before the 3rd March publication date and extending all the way through March. It had never occurred to me that it could spiral to such an extent, but somehow it did, and I was enormously relieved to have left to the massive task of co-ordinating it all to Linda’s capable hands.

It has been a combination of reviews, which meant getting ARCs of the book to those reviewing bloggers in good time ahead of publication, some question-and-answer sessions that were done via email, and a few contributions as a guest writer on some blogs.

There were a few hairy moments, with frantic last-minute messages to supply material needed at short notice. There were a few nervous moments as ARCs took a while to reach reviewers.

But it has been pretty magnificent, with the exception of one date in the middle of the tour that didn’t work out as it should have done, in spite of best efforts. There have been some outstanding reviews and some searching questions that had me scratching my head more than a few times.

Many thanks to everyone who took part and made space on their blogs and websites for a mention of Thin Ice. It has been exhausting, but thoroughly rewarding. Will there be a blog tour for the next book? Maybe, but next time it will be rather more modest, as 36 dates was maybe a little excessive. But it has been hugely enjoyable, and I’m incredibly grateful to Linda MacFadyen for all her tireless efforts  in organising, managing and tracking everything all the way through, and for ensuring that it all went smoothly.











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