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17 August 2016

 This is one that I never expected to see in translation, but here it is, and I'm delighted to see it.


Nelinistea Verii is Summerchill in its Romanian translation by Lucia Verona and edited by Bogdan Hrib. It’s being published alongside the Mystery and Thriller festival being held at Targu Mures in Romania next week – and finally my long-held wish to visit Romania becomes a reality.


I was going to go a couple of years ago, to the same festival, but the day job got in the way and I somehow ended up having to go to a trade show in Trondheim instead. But that’s another story…


Anyway, Bogdan Hrib, otherwise known as Bo from Ro, and himself an enthusiastic writer, translator, editor and publisher of crime novels, asked if I’d come to Targu Mures, and more importantly, was there a story I could let them have that could be produced and sold at a low price at the festival?


Summerchill was the obvious choice. The story was written a couple of years ago and published as an e-book novella at the time, as a way of filling the gap between full-length novels.


It was also something of a challenge, as I had heard a prominent reviewer commenting on some book programme that Nordic crime stories always seem to be set in the depths of winter. Well, that’s not true, although the majority of them tend to involve a bit of snow. So I decided to write a crime story that takes place at the height of the Icelandic summer, when temperatures can reach a dizzying 20°C…


All the same, my UK publisher still seemed to think it needed snow on the cover, regardless of the summery title and fact that it’s set in August when there isn’t a flake of snow to be seen – working on the bizarre premise that an English-language readership will assume that fiction set anywhere north of Oxfordshire has to be a year-round deep-frozen hell.


You can see the English-language version, complete with summer snow, here. 


It’s a shame that my command of Romanian is limited to about six words… But I’m sure Lucia Verona’s translation is inspired. After all, she translated Shakespeare into Romanian, so I’m in pretty respectable company there and am undoubtedly about to become a huge star in Romania.


I’m pleased to see that Bo hasn’t decided that Nelinistea Verii needed to have snow on the cover, and the hammer and the nail on there are definitely part of the story.


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