Murder & Blackmail

25 February 2010

Frozen Assets has been bought by New York publisher Soho Press and they intend to publish it at the same time as Constable & Robinson on this side of the Pond, in January 2011. I’m impressed, and delighted, to say the least. I’m told there’s interest in Book Two as well, but it’s early days yet.

Cold Comfort, hitherto known as Book Two, is coming along. It’s come together and now starts the process of pruning, tweaking and tightening everything up – although in this case a chainsaw might be more use than secateurs for the pruning part.

Gunna is still there, hopefully as down-to-earth and grumpy as before. This time she has to deal with a nasty brew of murder and blackmail. There are some of the characters there from Frozen Assets, plus some new ones, both colleagues and adversaries.

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