11 June 2010

A quick update for the faithful few who show up here to follow my ramblings. The copyediting of Frozen Assets is (hopefully) over and the galley proofs should appear next week, and with them the last opportunity to make any tweaks or right wrongs.

At the same time, I’ve been busy with Cold Comfort, working on feedback from the good people who have taken the time to read it. It needs to be shortened and once the last third of the first draft has become the last quarter of the second draft, it should be a waxed and taut piece of prose.

Alongside Frozen Assets and Cold Comfort, I’ve been tinkering with an as yet untitled third book in which my rotund heroine travels back to her rural roots to investigate some new and old evils.

Frozen Assets is scheduled to be published in the UK on the 27th of January next year.

Soho Crime in New York will be publishing Frozen Assets at around the same time, and Lübbe in Germany are at work on the translation of the manuscript for the German edition.

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