11 August 2010

Decisions have been taken and a new title has been decided upon. I didn’t like it at first, someone tinkering with my words. But after mulling it over, I’m happy with it. Right now I'm just getting over the shock of seeing my name in big red letters on the cover.
The marketing whizzes of UK publisher Constable & Robinson decided that Frozen Assets as a title had too much of a financial whiff about it, and it seems that finance is the whiff of failure. I can understand that. I don’t suppose the wrongdoings of bankers and accountants, mild-mannered or otherwise, is the stuff of bestsellers.
So, after a brief discussion and a couple of possible titles being batted back and forth, the erstwhile Frozen Assets is now Frozen Out. But my esteemed publisher on the other side of the Big Pond, Soho Crime, has decided to stick with the original Frozen Assets title.
Depending on your side of the Atlantic, Frozen Out or Frozen Assets should appear on a bookshop shelf near you in January.
The creatives have come up with covers as well. C&R came up with half a dozen possibles, of which the one that was chosen was neither my first choice nor one that I would have stamped my little feet and yelled No! when presented with. But it’s undeniably striking, at least, it made me sit up and take notice.

 Soho Crime came up with their cover for the US edition and have gone for a different approach. It looks more understated, almost 60s noir, with a black-and-white picture that wouldn't look out of place on a tattered 1968 Maigret novel in a second-hand shop – and I certainly don't mean that in a bad way.





Fortunately they have managed to spell my rotund and evil-tempered heroine’s name Gunnhildur on the cover, not Gunnhilder as it must have gone out in a press release somewhere, as that’s how she’s referred to on Amazon and elsewhere


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