10 October 2010

It feels like a cop out, but at least, supposedly, the day is a propitious one. It’s the tenth of the tenth, two-thousand-and-ten, which is supposed to be a lucky day to get married, buy a car, decide to grow a ponytail or some such life-changing experience.
Needless to say, I didn’t do any of these things I cut the grass this afternoon in the last of the summer sunshine, took a deep breath... and joined the 8% of the human race that uses Facebook.
I didn’t want to do it. A couple of years ago, Facebook and I had a brief flirtation, decided we didn’t like one another much and amicably went our separate ways. I expected it to sink without trace sooner or later when something a little cooler came along.
The Facebook got popular and stopped being something that only students and nerds used. I have to face it that Facebook has its uses and that there are people I’d like to remain in touch with who prefer to communicate this way. Despite my misgivings about social networking as being a shrine to banality and a terrible thief off time, I’m looking forward to seeing a few old friends a little more frequently.
Plus, of course, I have to be there for my adoring fans. Both of them.

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