Every little helps

15 December 2010

It’s here, at last, the finished article. After all the work that’s gone into it, it feels vaguely disconcerting to finally have a pile of books sitting here in front of me. It’s almost a year since I finished writing it, six months since the copy-editor, the redoubtable Imogen, finished her work with the red pen.

Since then a second book, Cold Comfort, has been largely finished and a third, provisionally titled Chilled to the Bone, is making sporadic progress – and would make better progress if I didn’t keep getting side-tracked by the day job.
Of course I can’t be anything but delighted to see the book. But if the truth be told, I’m going to have to read it again to brush up on what’s in there before I have to start talking about it in January when it hits the shelves, and I’ll have to start getting used to being on the receiving end of an interviewer.
The good news is that the first reviews have been favourable. No, that’s not true, some of them have been absolutely marvellous, to the point that I’ve been wondering if it’s the same book we’re talking about here. Great news is that Soho Crime in the US, who are publishing Frozen Out as Frozen Assets, have also decided to publish Cold Comfort. Even better news is that Asda and WH Smiths will be stocking Frozen Out when it hits the shelves. So hopefully every little really does help.

Frozen Assets, published by Soho Crime, 18th January.
Frozen Out, published by Constable & Robinson, 27th January.

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