Every little helps, reprise...

24 January 2011

Frozen Out isn’t due to be published until next Thursday, but somehow it’s been on Asda’s shelves for a week already, nestling in the Asda bestseller list below Joanna Trollope, Lynda la Plante and Stieg Larsson, but just ahead of the Weight Watchers Handbag Book of Inspirations.
In the meantime, Frozen Out is marching off the shelves at Asda and will hopefully do the same everywhere else in a few days time when it’s published officially. Asda’s slogan is that ‘every little helps...’ But at £3.96 (2 for £7), I’m dubious.
The US version of the book, published over there as a hardback and under the Frozen Assets title, seems to be doing fairly well since it appeared a week ago. There are some extremely positive reviews still coming out, including a beauty at EuroCrime; but some of the US reviews have been more lukewarm, commenting that it’s too ‘British’ in its tone. Oh, well. I wasn’t sure if the US publisher would Americanize the text, but it seems they haven’t. Maybe I’ll have to produce a glossary of terms so that Leftpondian readers aren’t confounded by Britishisms.



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