31 January 2011

Frozen Out hit the streets last week, after having already been on Asda’s shelves for a ten days or so. There was no a launch party with cheesy nibbles and lukewarm Lidl economy sparking wine, but I can live without that.
It’s been a confusing week. Since Frozen Out/Assets was published, I’ve been interviewed a couple of times, both Q&As via email for some magazines and also some radio interviews, thankfully not live but daunting all the same. So I’ve had to pick up and re-familiarise myself with a book that I haven’t touched since the final proofs were checked six months ago.
I’m also half-way through re-reading and tweaking the manuscript of Cold Comfort for the last time before it goes to eagle-eyed Imogen the copy editor for her work her magic on, all the while still working on the first draft of the third book starring my rotund heroine, Gunnhildur.
It’s been a struggle keeping the three separate, but it seems to have worked out with not too many clangers dropped.
No idea how well or badly Frozen Out/Assets is selling so far, and I don’t know how long it’ll take before there’s a reasonable idea of what the sales are, but I understand that Soho Crime, who published the book in the US, have asked for Cold Comfort as well.
Meanwhile the friendly reviews keep appearing, along with some requests to stand up on my hind legs and talk, notably at CrimeFest in Bristol in May alongside a genuinely heavyweight line-up of proper authors with proper bestsellers behind them.
There have been a few dubious reviews as well, but so far nobody has come out and said they hated every page of the book. That’s a pleasure to look forward to, or not.

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