Tengdasonur Skagastrandar

8 May 2011

There’s an interview with me in Icelandic business magazine Frjáls Verslun, written by my friend Eiríkur St Eiríksson. Note the magnificent photo of me by Gosport’s very own son of fun and lately Icelandic landscape photographer par excellence Tony Prower.
Anyway, Frjáls Verslun describes me as Skagaströnd’s son-in-law, which is maybe stretching things a little. You can check it out here: as Maggi Sveitarstjóri has kindly mentioned me and Frozen Out on the village’s website, complete with a link to a pdf of the article in Frjáls Verslun.

Also, Amazon are selling the Kindle edition of Frozen Out at the knockdown price of £1.59, catapulting it firmly into the top 500 of the Kindle chart.

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