1 June 2011

Back from four days of CrimeFest in Bristol. I had no real idea what to expect and was not entirely comfortable at the thought of being surrounded by real writers who don’t have day jobs, but of course, it was fine.
I spoke on two panels, the first was a slightly awkward one at the end of the day, alongside Danny Miller, Nigel McCrery and Conor Fitzgerald on ‘no holds barred.’ Not an easy subject, but Matt Hilton as moderator did a fine job and kept the tone as light as it could be. It was noticeable how the mood lightened when we moved from skating gingerly around the awkward areas of violence, rape, child abuse, etc, and started to discuss sex instead. That’s when the grins came out.
The second panel was for the new kids on the block, an early morning sextet of debut authors, Danny and Conor again, plus Adrian Dawson, Howard Linskey and Lynn Shepherd; a real variety from Adrian’s hi-tech bestseller to Lynn’s Murder at Mansfield Park (which does just what is says on the tin) to Howard’s Geordie noir, Danny’s Brighton 1960s setting and Conor’s modern tale of Roman crime.
The whole thing was something of a whirlwind from start to finish. Very interesting to meet other authors, both first-timers and those with a career already under their belts, and also great to meet Ali, Kirstie, Michael and Oya of ShotsMag.
See you there next year? I expect so.


Coming up:
15th June, 7.30. Winchester Discovery Centre, panel with Tim Weaver and Alison Bruce

23rd June, 7.30. Gosport Discovery Centre. Just me this time...

7th July, 7.30. Chichester Library with Helen Black and Danny Miller

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