3 June 2011

This time the story takes place mainly in and around Reykjavík, with some of the characters from the first book tagging along with Gunna and others making a fleeting appearance in post-Crash Iceland.

The proofs of Gunnhildur’s second outing, Cold Comfort*, have arrived from the publisher. The daunting stack of paper is sitting there, daring me, red biro clutched numbly in one hand, to make a start on it.

Things are grim in Iceland these days. Nobody has that much cash in their pockets, with the exception of the banking and business moguls who got away with it and, bizarrely, are still able to live in Iceland. One was jostled in the street during that miserable winter after the banks failed. One reportedly had a glass of wine thrown in his face and another had to leave a restaurant when other diners made it plain the man wasn’t welcome. Then there was a nighttime bandit at one point who smeared the houses of the rich and shameless with red paint, but even he seems to have hung up his paintbrush now.

This is the Iceland that Cold Comfort takes place in, through the uncertain winter that followed the Crash, when nobody really knew what was happening, except that the party was over.

*title yet to be confirmed, or not.



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15th June, 7.30. Winchester Discovery Centre, panel with Tim Weaver and Alison Bruce

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