International Crime Authors Reality Check

6 June 2011

Why take on another commitment? Don’t ask me, but I have, but it’s an honour to have been asked to join in at the International Crime Authors Reality Check. Half a dozen established writers in various parts of the world take part in it, shepherded into line by Christopher G Moore, with me and the Irish-born Rome-resident crime novelist Conor Fitzgerald invited to join the group.

Blogging isn’t something I’ve excelled at so far, and I’ll be the first to admit it. A lot of the time, there just isn’t much to say. At other times, there isn’t the time to get on with it when there are a dozen other things that all need to be finished yesterday. (Un)fortunately, in spite of the Gunna books (proofs of Book 2 signed off yesterday), there’s still a day job that keeps the resident band of students fed and in the luxury they have become accustomed to, and which therefore demands attention.

So maybe the threat of a regular deadline will make the difference to the frequency of blogging, not that I’m going to stop writing stuff here as well when there’s the opportunity.

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