Winchester went well.

16 June 2011

A delightful bunch of people of impeccable taste showed up at the Winchester Discovery Centre (that’s a library) to listen to me and the thoroughly polished and glamorous Alison Bruce speak about our books. Have a look at Alison’s website and check out the song that pops up, sung by Alison’s husband Jacen.
Angela Hicken asked the questions to begin with and Alison talked more than I did, but she’s written more books than I have. There were plenty of good questions and some lovely people who wanted their copies of Frozen Out signed.
Alison’s little boy sat patiently while all this was going on. Mine was going to come and listen to his old Dad as well, but at the last minute he decided to go the pub instead. Needless to say, he’s a little older than Alison and Jacen’s son.
Next week, Gosport Discovery Centre...  (Thursday 23rd June)

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