Mackerel mayhem

9 July 2011

Sometimes the fish stuff intrudes in its own sweet way. For those of you who didn’t know, the day job is writing about fisheries, hopefully in a fairly authoritative sort of way. It is actually interesting work, for the most part, although the intricacies of CFP reform and the working so the latest development in pelagic trawl gear aren’t to everyone’s tastes. In fact, it sends most people to sleep.
Occasionally I’m asked to contribute something to magazines other than the one I work for. These little guest spots don’t come around very often, but they tend to be fun in a fishy sort of way when they do.
The most recent one was when the editor of the Reykjavík Grapevine, an outspoken English-language freesheet, asked me to give them an insight into the mackerel issue.
In spite of what anyone might think, it’s actually fascinating to see how nations can signally fail to work together to exploit a common resource responsibly, and a depressing insight into the hubris of humans who sincerely believe that they are stronger than nature.
But here’s the Grapevine article.
Yes, I know the fish in the rather striking picture aren’t mackerel. Even I can tell the difference between cod and mackerel. Haukur, the Grapevine's editor, said that he knows the difference as well, but couldn’t resist using such a stunning photograph. I have to agree.

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