Cold Comfort cover

3 August 2011

We have a cover for Cold Comfort, Gunnhildur the Cop’s second outing. It came as a surprise when someone pointed it out that the book is already listed on Amazon both in the UK and US. This is the UK cover that Constable & Robinson have come up with and it looks the business.

Cold Comfort (there was disagreement over the title, as it was postulated that it could put people in mind of the wonderful Cold Comfort Farm) will be out in the US, courtesy of Soho,  in January 2012 (alongside the paperback version of Frozen Assets), but Brit readers may have to wait a little longer as the UK release has been put back to March. I have no real idea why, other than that the aftermath of Christmas isn’t necessarily the best time to be publishing.
Book three, Chilled to the Bone, is coming along comfortably after a few months of uncertainty due to spending more time on the day job than duty strictly called for. But now Gunna is firmly on the trail of rural evildoings at the tail end of a hot summer and with winter threatening to break at any moment.
But now this has put me in mind of Cold Comfort Farm and I’ll have to lookout the dog-eared copy that must be around here somewhere...

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