Going Dutch

1 September 2011

Frozen Out and Cold Comfort have been bought by Dutch publisher Karakter. Hopefully this will please my friends in Holland and Belgium who have made the effort to read Frozen Out in English (Marc, Gijs, I mean you...).
The plan is for Frozen Out to appear in Dutch in February, followed very closely by Cold Comfort in May. I’m looking forward to finding out what the Dutch titles are going to be. While I can’t speak more than a few words in Dutch, I find it a delightful language to hear spoken and have fond memories of working and travelling on that side of the North Sea many years ago.
Frozen Out is set to appear in Germany (In Eisigem Wasser) next month in both dead-tree technology and kindle versions, while Sergeant Gunnhildur’s next set of headaches, Cold Comfort, is out in the US in January, and the UK in March, followed by Germany and Holland.
Mongolian, Galician, Icelandic and Esperanto rights are still available.

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