Best review yet

6 March 2012

Reviews come in all shapes and sizes. Cold Comfort was published in January in the US and it’s had a mixed reception. Some good reviews, some not so good. In general, they have been either excellent or crap, with not much in between. As a new author, it’s not easy to stop yourself reading the rubbish reviews, although I haven’t been as slavishly going through them this time as I was when Frozen Out was published last year.
On a happy note, Frozen Out (Frozen Assets in the US) is still picking up a few decent reviews here and there. Notably, Amazon readers on both sides of the big pond seem to like it and hopefully they’ll enjoy Cold Comfort as much when they get to it.
Possibly the finest review so far of Frozen Out is from the delightfully sweary Bookcunt, an anonymous reviewer who is, as far as we know, someone working in publishing in London, who reads and swears a lot. Bookcunt’s bullshit-free review of Frozen Out is sharp, to the point and honest, as well as being rude about Lynda la Plante.
It’s also the only review I’ve had so far that has had me laughing out loud.

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