The Thunderer

23 March 2012

I can’t help but be ridiculously chuffed at having seen Cold Comfort reviewed by Marcel Berlins in The Times. It was last Saturday, a week ago, so why the hell has it taken a week to get round to mentioning it here? No idea. Let’s just call it a deplorably cavalier attitude to publicity that ought to be addressed.
Anyway, respected veteran reviewer and broadcaster Marcel Berlins described Cold Comfort as ‘well constructed, well written and satisfying.’ So there. It doesn’t get a lot better than that, and in these tough times it’s hard enough to get a review of any kind in print, let alone one in a newspaper like The Thunderer.
I think I owe Marcel Berlins, clearly a man of impeccable taste and discernment, a drink or several, should our paths cross.
I couldn’t help noticing that both Cold Comfort and Frozen Out shot up to the dizzying heights of three figures in their Amazon ratings for a while, before dropping back to slow burn levels. But it’s been fun while it lasted and a testament to the influence of a respected reviewer.
I also noticed that my 2001 fishing book, Life on the Edge, which has languished at around the two million mark for years, also rocketed up to something like an astounding 35-thousand-and-something and to a staggering #8 in Books > Science & Nature > Food & Farming > Fisheries.
Mind you, that could well just mean that two copies have been sold, the mechanics of the Amazon ranking system being one of the great mysteries of the age, along with Donald Trump’s hair, the awful appeal of wrist-slashingly miserable soap operas and the mere existence of the Eurovision Song Contest. But I digress. I may even, at long last, be in line for some royalties from Life on the Edge? Not that I’m going to order a new Bentley or book a holiday in Tahiti on the strength of that. But it’s a lovely idea.

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