“Großartig zu lesen. Man fiebert dem nächsten Fall entgegen.”

26 July 2012

Copies of Kalter Trost, the German translation of Cold Comfort, have just arrived chez Gráskeggur and they look great, complete with Yrsa Sigurðardóttir’s endorsement on the back cover; “Großartig zu lesen. Man fiebert dem nächsten Fall entgegen.”


I’m deeply grateful to the mighty Yrsa for finding the time to read the draft version of Cold Comfort, at a time when she was also busy finishing a book of her own against a tight deadline and also in the throes of moving house.
Anyway, I have some spare copies of Kalter Trost. So if any of my lovely German readers would like a free copy – signed if you so desire – let me know and one will be on the way to you.

I should have copies of  Schrale Troost, the Dutch version of Cold Comfort, in a few days and a similar offer wil be open to my delightful Dutch and Flemish readers.


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