3 June 2011

This time the story takes place mainly in and around Reykjavík, with some of the characters from the first book tagging along with Gunna and others making a fleeting appearance in post-Crash Iceland. {Read more about: Proofs}


1 June 2011

Back from four days of CrimeFest in Bristol. I had no real idea what to expect and was not entirely comfortable at the thought of being surrounded by real writers who don’t have day jobs, but of course, it was fine.
{Read more about: Crimefest}

Tengdasonur Skagastrandar

8 May 2011

There’s an interview with me in Icelandic business magazine Frjáls Verslun, written by my friend Eiríkur St Eiríksson. {Read more about: Tengdasonur Skagastrandar}

Good behaviour

16 April 2011

This was the third or fourth time I’ve been there to speak to Lucy’s class at Ford Prison. They must like me, as Lucy keeps asking me to go back. It’s an open prison and those who reside there at Her Majesty’s pleasure at what was once an airfield are either at the end of a stretch and close to release, or else there for something non-violent. Fraud and scams spring to mind and there are some fascinating glimpses of fantastic ideas that went badly wrong or bad luck that took people to desperate measures. Fact is stranger than fiction and on a previous visit one of the class said with a wicked smile; ‘whatever you try and think up, one of us in here has tried it.’ {Read more about: Good behaviour}

Flying to Iceland

22 March 2011

Some of remember the bad old days when Flugleiðir, as it was then, had a monopoly on flying to Iceland. It was a nightmare of arrogant service, complete inflexibility and prices that were downright outrageous. {Read more about: Flying to Iceland}

The Little Book of the Icelanders

16 March 2011

Blogger, writer and translator Alda Sigmundsdóttir, she of the Iceland Weather Report, has produced a fascinating eBook that outlines and explains some of the weirdness of Icelanders, and here I should add that while Icelanders are odd, they are no odder than most others. It’s just that the oddness is visible and can be highly perplexing.
These people aren’t easily understood. Quite apart from the language that is largely impenetrable to any outsider, Icelanders have an array of quirks and foibles that can baffle both visitors and those who have lived there alike. {Read more about: The Little Book of the Icelanders}

The Missing Page

17 February 2011

Can Johnny Oxford reveal who murdered Jocelyn Knockersbury and twenty-four other United Nations typists? More to the point, can Tony and Sid track down the mysterious Darcy Sarto and the missing page from Lady Don’t Fall Backwards? {Read more about: The Missing Page}

Nordic is no longer niche

15 February 2011

In general, the reviews of Frozen Out/Assets have been remarkably positive and while I can’t complain, there’s a point I’d like to put straight. The comment has been made more than a few times that I may have set out to jump on the Stieg Larsson bandwagon of Nordic crime fiction. Well, up to a point, Lord Copper. {Read more about: Nordic is no longer niche}

Life on the Edge

6 February 2011

A dozen years ago I wrote a book called Life on the Edge, and as I was a struggling freelance writer at the time, the inspiration for the book stemmed partly from an empty bank account. {Read more about: Life on the Edge}


31 January 2011

Frozen Out hit the streets last week, after having already been on Asda’s shelves for a ten days or so. There was no a launch party with cheesy nibbles and lukewarm Lidl economy sparking wine, but I can live without that. {Read more about: Published...}

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