Every little helps, reprise...

24 January 2011

Frozen Out isn’t due to be published until next Thursday, but somehow it’s been on Asda’s shelves for a week already, nestling in the Asda bestseller list below Joanna Trollope, Lynda la Plante and Stieg Larsson, but just ahead of the Weight Watchers Handbag Book of Inspirations. {Read more about: Every little helps, reprise...}

There’s nobody here called Hreggviður

14 January 2011

Icelanders just don’t have names like the rest of us. It’s as simple as that, and, yes, this can result in the occasional headache. One of the criticisms of Frozen Out so far, and note bene, it’s not in any bookshops for another week, is those weird, unfamiliar Icelandic names. {Read more about: There’s nobody here called Hreggviður}


4 January 2011

After working for so long on a book largely alone, it’s incredibly difficult to know for certain if it’s really any good. The writer is so taken up with the mechanics of the thing that sometimes it’s impossible to see the wood for the trees and sight of a bigger picture can easily be lost. {Read more about: Reviews}

Stern Critics

27 December 2010

After a decade working for an editor whose scale of praise for work done was topped by the phrase ‘well, that was all right, I suppose,’ indicating a magnificent piece of work that he would have been proud to have written himself, I thought I was pretty much immune to criticism. {Read more about: Stern Critics}

Kingdom Books

21 December 2010

I love Kingdom Books, deeply and sincerely. I'd like to send them camels bearing mysterious oriental gifts.

I'm amazed and flattered to get such a  fantastic review for a first book, a good month before the book is even on the shelves.

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Every little helps

15 December 2010

It’s here, at last, the finished article. After all the work that’s gone into it, it feels vaguely disconcerting to finally have a pile of books sitting here in front of me. It’s almost a year since I finished writing it, six months since the copy-editor, the redoubtable Imogen, finished her work with the red pen.

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Fact is stranger than fiction

12 November 2010

Much of the story that became Frozen Assets took shape through 2007 and the early part of 2008, while the Iceland’s financial miracle was still in full swing. The place was booming and the country’s bankers were hailed as financial wonders who appeared to have dug up a whole cache of Philosopher’s Stones. {Read more about: Fact is stranger than fiction}

It really was a dark and stormy night

5 November 2010

We all have a brown trouser story tucked away somewhere. It wasn’t the intention to put any of that stuff here, but someone asked me the other day if I had any roughty-toughty, hairy-arsed fishermen’s tales to tell about big trips and bad weather. So this is one. {Read more about: It really was a dark and stormy night}

Handle With Care

3 November 2010

 This is a simple enough recipe, supplied by the Wise Woman of Devonshire Avenue. {Read more about: Handle With Care}

N1, just what the hell have you done with Staðarskáli?

18 October 2010

Driving north from Reykjavík, past the black lava rocks around Bifröst and then over the rocky desert that is the pass of Holtavörðuheiði, the thought of the venerable truckstops at Brú and Staðarskáli were always a comfort, especially on a cold day with the wind blowing tortured snake tails of driven snow across the road. {Read more about: N1, just what the hell have you done with Staðarskáli?}

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