10 October 2010

It feels like a cop out, but at least, supposedly, the day is a propitious one. It’s the tenth of the tenth, two-thousand-and-ten, which is supposed to be a lucky day to get married, buy a car, decide to grow a ponytail or some such life-changing experience. {Read more about: Capitulation}

The captive audience – repeat performance

26 September 2010

I must have done a decent job last time, as Lucy the tutor asked me to come and talk to her charges at Ford Open Prison’s creative writing group a second time. As before, this was supposed to be an hour or two, but ended up with Lucy walking me back to the main gate and the outside world with minutes to spare before I was due out. {Read more about: The captive audience – repeat performance}


11 August 2010

Decisions have been taken and a new title has been decided up. I didn’t like it at first, someone tinkering with my words. But after mulling it over, I’m happy with it. Right now I'm just getting over the shock of seeing my name in big red letters on the cover. {Read more about: Covers}

The titles that never were.

8 August 2010

 Musing over who was the perpetrator Johnny Oxford finally fingered in Lady Don’t Fall Backwards, I remembered the weird bookshop in the Icelandic village I used to live in. It wasn’t so much a shop as a large cupboard and an extension of the local savings bank. {Read more about: The titles that never were.}


4 August 2010

I had to look twice. The sign said 'Recycled Toilet Paper.' Really?

Does it mean that this is toilet paper that has been recycled? Or just any old waste paper that has been made into toilet paper? Undoubtedly the latter. But it did set me thinking. What kind of a contender for the worst-job-in-the-world must it be working in a factory that recycles toilet paper?

You couldn’t make it up

14 July 2010

It’s one of those phrases that people let fall with a despairing shake of the head and a frown when some politician, public servant or EU official has done something particularly daft.
But it’s true – fact is so often stranger than fiction. {Read more about: You couldn’t make it up}

Politics, sorry...

28 June 2010

Iceland’s a strange little country. I lived there for ten years, learned the language well enough to pass for a stray Faroese, and follow what goes on there more closely than I follow current events where I live now. It took a long time for it to sink in, but it’s a weird place. Ideas and values aren’t the same as they are elsewhere, but a lot of it’s a long way below the surface. {Read more about: Politics, sorry...}


11 June 2010

A quick update for the faithful few who show up here to follow my ramblings. The copyediting of Frozen Assets is (hopefully) over and the galley proofs should appear next week, and with them the last opportunity to make any tweaks or right wrongs.

{Read more about: Update}

On becoming an ash victim

25 May 2010

I'm a victim. Eyjafjallajökull has played its tricks on me as well. Arriving in Paris after a long, hot, less than comfortable flight, I made my way through the throng to the  other terminal that deals with the short-haul flights to pick up my connection home and saw: Annulé. {Read more about: On becoming an ash victim}

Faroese interlude

26 April 2010

That last entry set me thinking about the Faroe Islands again and what a delightful place those islands are, The Faroes are a rainswept little green jewel in the middle of the North Atlantic. Everyone is pleased to see visitors and it’s probably the most friendly, welcoming place I’ve ever been to. It’s always a pleasure to visit the Faroes. {Read more about: Faroese interlude}

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