Cold Comfort, first draft finished

19 April 2010

The manuscript of Cold Comfort is finished as it’s going to be for a while. A little over a year ago, while I was still working on the final drafts of Frozen Assets, the day job took me to the Faroe Islands, a truly delightful place to visit, but that’s another story. {Read more about: Cold Comfort, first draft finished}

Murder & Blackmail

25 February 2010

Frozen Assets has been bought by New York publisher Soho Press and they intend to publish it at the same time as Constable & Robinson on this side of the Pond, in January 2011. I’m impressed, and delighted, to say the least. I’m told there’s interest in Book Two as well, but it’s early days yet. {Read more about: Murder & Blackmail}

A Captive Audience

11 February 2010

A friend (thanks, Rob) dropped me into this. Would I like to speak to a class of creative writing students about the nuts and bolts of the particular obscure niche of journalism that is the day job? Impart my expertise and accumulated knowledge to the younger generation and tell them how it really is at the coalface of nautical journalism? Of course! The venue? Ah. {Read more about: A Captive Audience}

Blogosphere debut

27 January 2010

Welcome to my blogosphere debut, something I’d sworn blind I’d never do. But times change and now that Facebook seems to be making blogging look just soooo 20th century, maybe it’s time to give it a go.

Mike has done a fine job of designing the website for me. So, if any of the passers-by here need a website designed at what he told me was a very reasonable rate, email the admin address somewhere down below and Mike’s your man.

As anyone finding their way to this place would probably have seen by now, I’m the writer of some crime novels that while finished, have yet to find their way to the shelves of your friendly local bookshop. The first book, Frozen Assets, is complete and is due to be published in the UK by Constable & Robinson in January next year and simultaneously in the US by Soho Crime Books. Lübbe are set to publish it in German translation next year.

I’m on the last knockings of finishing the second book, provisionally titled Cold Comfort. The story’s there, but the process of weeding out errors and making sure things tie up is what’s taking the time now.

With a year to go before publication, it may well be that this website/blog combo is verging on the premature, so it’s unlikely that there will be much by the way of traffic. But if you did find your way in here by accident, thanks for looking in.

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