The impending grand tour

21 March 2013

With a new book coming up, the clued-up author has to do his bit on the publicity front. So look out for the upcoming blog tour. Actually it’s not so much a meticulously planned tour as a confused ramble from one place to another, a bit like badly organised pub crawl. {Read more about: The impending grand tour}

It's a hard life

8 March 2013

 It’s been a busy few weeks, what with the day job becoming increasingly busy and with the publication of Chilled to the Bone approaching. On that score, it’s pleasing to hear that my Dutch publisher, Karakter, will also be publishing C2tB, although I don’t yet know when or what the Dutch title will be. {Read more about: It's a hard life}

Motherventing, the awful truth

24 January 2013

My friend Fran has written a book. In fact, she’s written two. The first one was great, and I’m one of the few people who got to read it. I got to read it while it was still a Word.doc, before it was sent to the agents and publishers who nearly, so nearly, decided to snap it up, but chickened out, curse their pusillanimous hides. {Read more about: Motherventing, the awful truth}


21 January 2013

My next book, Chilled to the Bone, isn’t out until April. It took a while to write and hasn’t been an easy process, not least because my editor didn’t like what I’d come up with to begin with and in all fairness, she was right. The original story wasn’t everything it should have been. She described it somewhat alarmingly as ‘flaccid,’ which took the wind out of this writer’s sails. But developing a kevlar-lined rhino skin is an essential part of any writer’s kit. {Read more about: Winterlude}

Confessions of a book fiend

10 January 2013

They’re everywhere, sneaking into corners and taking up residence, lying quietly and unnoticed behind doors and under beds, making shelves creak during the night. It’s an affliction, but not necessarily a bad one. There are others that are so much worse. {Read more about: Confessions of a book fiend}


31 December 2012

We’re in the last moments of a fading two-thousand-and-twelve and there are plenty of us who might say it hasn’t been a great year. It has rained like hell, we’re in the throes of a double- (or triple-?)dip recession and so on. The world doesn’t appear to be a safer or more stable place than it was a year ago. So what will 2012 go down in history as the year of? It’ll most probably be remembered as the year of Princess Kate’s baps and Gangnam Style.

{Read more about: Two-Thousand-and-Twelve}

The Next Big Thing – Ten Questions in Ten Minutes

13 December 2012

Barry Forshaw has pointed the finger and thrown down the gauntlet for me to take part in the Next Big Thing, a blog phenomenon which will eventually spread across the world. The idea is that I answer the following questions about my work and point the finger at five other authors who answer the same questions and they recommend five more authors to do the same, until the whole thing runs out of blogging authors. {Read more about: The Next Big Thing – Ten Questions in Ten Minutes}

Pausing for breath

23 November 2012

It has been a busy few months. The next book is written, the proof pages are sitting here in two squat foolscap stacks glaring at me to stop tapping at the keyboard and get back to work with the red pen marking the last, mercifully few, minor errors that need correcting. {Read more about: Pausing for breath}

Man Flu

24 October 2012

I can’t write a blog this week, sorry. My head aches, my sinuses are aflame and even my knees ache, for crying out loud. I’m inclined to wrap myself up in a duvet and spend the next week watching bad chat shows, cookery programmes and whatever else is on daytime TV. {Read more about: Man Flu}

Chilled to the Bone

24 September 2012

I've delivered the manuscript of Chilled to the Bone to my publisher and they seem happy with it, so now there's a hiatus while the eagle-eyed copy editor does her thing with the red pen. The designers have already been at work and the cover looks great. {Read more about: Chilled to the Bone}

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