Feet on the ground. The Faroe Islands, part 2/4

1 July 2012

Being so close to the elements also puts people in a proximity to their food that would have European or North American city dwellers blanching. Everyone in the Faroe Islands knows a fisherman and a farmer. {Read more about: Feet on the ground. The Faroe Islands, part 2/4}

Rainswept paradise. The Faroe Islands, part 1/4

29 June 2012

It’s an undiscovered but rather damp gem in the middle of the Atlantic that few people notice on their way past. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but the Faroe Islands are truly one of the pleasantest places in the world. As both a business traveller and an occasional tourist, there are few places I’d rather go. {Read more about: Rainswept paradise. The Faroe Islands, part 1/4}


17 June 2012

The endless queues, the terrible shops full of overpriced junk and the heart-stoppingly expensive eateries and bars in the departure lounges are where a bored traveller with an incurable people-watching habit can let the imagination wander. These places provide a showcase of characters plucked from their normal lives and dropped into this unnatural air-conditioned false reality with piped music, fast food and shops full of nothing nobody ever really needs, although that’s obviously a sweeping statement and doesn’t apply to the bookshops that are a necessity to any civilised traveller. {Read more about: Peoplewatching}

Food: getting up close and personal

13 June 2012

Food is a hugely valuable device for a writer. There are few better ways than evoking those aromas and flavours to nail down a sense of location. Writing about France, Spain or Italy? Then it’s sun-kissed tomatoes, fragrant herbs, olive oil, tarte au pommes, garlic and fresh, young red wine. It makes you hungry just thinking about it. {Read more about: Food: getting up close and personal}

The story so far, and where to go from here...

6 June 2012

What next? Ah... It was only after Cold Comfort had been out for a while that my British publisher took the plunge and decided that they too wanted to see more of Gunnhildur after all, but only one this time. So there’s a contract signed for one more Gunna. No idea yet if the US publisher will want it. Somehow my guts say they won’t, but we’ll see. {Read more about: The story so far, and where to go from here...}


1 June 2012

I’m back from three days of hobnobbing with the great and the good at CrimeFest, a jamboree for crimewriters and crime readers that is certainly becoming one of the places to be seen, this year over a blazing hot weekend. {Read more about: CrimeFest}

Ford afternoon

6 May 2012

This has become a habit, but not necessarily a bad one. Every few months the lovely Lucy who runs a creative writing class at For Open Prison asks me to come and speak to her charges.
It’s always an interesting afternoon. First the routine couple of questions at the gate: ‘Any phones or recording devices?’ Nope. ‘ID?’ Out comes the driving licence. Then inside. {Read more about: Ford afternoon}

Tough justice, 1830-style

27 April 2012

You’d hardly notice it if you didn’t know the place was there. It’s a hillock not far from the main road that twists through the north of Iceland and most people hurtle past at the most respectable pace they can manage. {Read more about: Tough justice, 1830-style}

I should know better...

19 April 2012

This is by way of an explanation rather than an apology... We all get a lousy review now and again. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not something you can do a lot about, and you have to accept that the stuff you write isn’t going to appeal to everyone. So far Frozen Out and Cold Comfort have attracted some thoroughly decent reviews and I’m not complaining on that score. When a stinker of a review shows up, it’s not worth engaging with the reviewer. A dignified silence serves best. {Read more about: I should know better...}

The Thunderer

23 March 2012

I can’t help but be ridiculously chuffed at having seen Cold Comfort reviewed by Marcel Berlins in The Times. It was last Saturday, almost a week ago, so why the hell has it taken a week to get round to mentioning it here? No idea. Let’s just call it a cavalier attitude to publicity that ought to be addressed. {Read more about: The Thunderer}

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