9 March 2012

Hvalvík really exists, sort of. {Read more about: Hvalvík}

Best review yet

6 March 2012

Reviews come in all shapes and sizes. Cold Comfort was published in January in the US and it’s had a mixed reception. Some good reviews, some not so good. In general, they have been either excellent or crap, with not much in between. As a new author, it’s not easy to stop yourself reading the rubbish reviews, although I haven’t been as slavishly going through them this time as I was when Frozen Out was published last year.
On a happy note, Frozen Out (Frozen Assets in the US) is still picking up a few decent reviews here and there. Notably, Amazon readers on both sides of the big pond seem to like it and hopefully they’ll enjoy Cold Comfort as much when they get to it.
Possibly the finest review so far of Frozen Out is from the delightfully sweary Bookcunt, an anonymous reviewer who is, as far as we know, someone working in publishing in London, who reads and swears a lot. Bookcunt’s bullshit-free review of Frozen Out is sharp, to the point and honest, as well as being rude about Lynda la Plante.
It’s also the only review I’ve had so far that has had me laughing out loud.

Social media, sigh...

27 January 2012

It may be a heresy to question the value of all this social media stuff. But I can’t help wondering. It’s all part of the package for a new author. In years gone by, a gentleman of letters would drop his goose quill into the roaring log fire, and sit back thoughtfully stroking his muttonchop whiskers, before packaging his finished manuscript up in brown paper and string, and dispatching it to a suitable London publisher. That was it, presumably. That’s certainly not the way it is now. {Read more about: Social media, sigh...}

Breakfast for fishermen

19 January 2012

I put one of these up here a while ago and it gave a few people a laugh. So here's another one.

Recipe #14 brekky {Read more about: Breakfast for fishermen}

Goodbye, tunes.

16 January 2012

This blog has been sadly neglected since I was invited to contribute to the International Authors’ Reality Check, what with its familiar deadlines and whatnot. That’s the price of freedom and not having an editor breathing down your neck.
Anyway, music. It’s a sad little tale sparked by the news of a new Half Man Half Biscuit album that has completely passed me by. {Read more about: Goodbye, tunes.}

Cold Comfort

9 January 2012

It’s something of a big day. Cold Comfort, my second published novel, hits the bookstore shelves tomorrow, the 10th of January. That’s the US hardback version, published by Soho Crime. People on the eastern side of the big pond will have to wait for the paperback version to be published in the UK on the  15th of March.

There have been a couple of respectably decent reviews already, from Publishers Weekly and Beth at Kingdom Books. Fingers crossed and here’s hoping they stay positive.


A book is roughly a year’s work from start to finish, from the moment the initial ideas are scribbled on the back of envelopes or in tatty notebooks that are illegible after a week or two. Then there’s the long writing process, the first draft and plenty of scrawls and red biro all over it, crossings out and re-jigging things. Then the second and third drafts, and it goes off to a copy editor (the marvellous Imogen), and then there’s finally something that’s fit to be read.

Cold Comfort follows on from Frozen Out/Assets, but now Gunna is working in Reykjavík but still living in Hvalvík. There are some characters that it was a ball to write; Long Ommi, Helgi the sidekick, the revolting Bjartmar, Jón the Plumber, Svana, the cause of all the fuss – she just turns up dead, as well as some of the characters who were also in Frozen Out. But not Fat Matti the taxi driver. A lot of people have asked about Matti and I think I’ll have to bring him back. Book 3 (working title: Chilled to the Bone) is almost finished now, but maybe I can find a role for Matti in Gunna #4.
Soho have come up with a great cover for Cold Comfort, very menacing. Constable came up with their own cover for the UK paperback and I’m not sure which one I prefer.



Warhorses, January 30th, 1965

5 January 2012

Three of four old men, the legs of their seldom-worn suits showing beneath herringbone overcoats, sat upright and alert around chipped formica and an equally chipped teapot. The fourth hunched forward in his chair, looking down at the table in front of him with eyes watering after the bitter wind they had escaped. {Read more about: Warhorses, January 30th, 1965}

Me and football; a confession

20 December 2011

It’s something I’ve never been able to grasp or work up an ounce of enthusiasm for. For a bloke, and a  English bloke not good with colours to boot, it’s sometimes even a bit awkward to admit that I can’t get on with football; soccer, that is for those of you on the other side of the big pond. {Read more about: Me and football; a confession}

The (Sex and) Fishing Thing

15 December 2011

As some of you may know, I know a good bit about fishing, commercial fishing, that is. That’s because it’s what I used to do.
‘Wot? Like in Trawlermen? Or that Deadliest Catch?’ {Read more about: The (Sex and) Fishing Thing}

Tiny Books

13 December 2011

How’s it done? No idea. My friend Le Comte de Genf, aka Gulli Ara, made these. You can see my book Frozen Out in miniature format, along with Gulli’s books Pelastikk and Gamla Góða Kaupmannahöfn, as well as Guðjón Ármann Eyjólfsson’s seminal tome Stjórn og Sigling Skipa that Gulli and I both spent many a long hour poring over, once upon a time.

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