Cold Comfort

8 December 2011

It’s a vaguely uncomfortable feeling of being in limbo. Cold Comfort (G2) is finished. Gunnhildur’s next outing has been out of my hands for a good while now while the publishers came up with suitable covers. {Read more about: Cold Comfort}

Another fishy tale

29 November 2011

The Cromer was a lovely boat, forty metres and two thousand-odd horsepower of beam trawler that ran mostly from Holland in spite of the British flag. We landed in Holland and sailed from Holland, and only went into a British port once or twice the whole time I was on board. But it wasn’t a happy boat. There was a steady turnover of crew as nobody other than the skipper and the mate seemed to like it there. It didn’t help that the money was nothing special. Although it was a big, comfortable boat, it seemed doomed to be mediocre. {Read more about: Another fishy tale}

Thanks, Waverton

23 November 2011

A big thank-you to the lovely people of Waverton. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a village near Chester in the west of England, a stone’s throw from the Welsh border. {Read more about: Thanks, Waverton}


20 November 2011

A very enjoyable evening with the Horndean Book Club, a small, but perfectly formed reading group with impeccable taste. I’m really sorry about the awkward Icelandic names in the book, and I know they can be confusing. But there’s not a great deal I can do other than try and keep them a bit more straightforward in the next one.
Thanks, Jane, Bridgit, Sandra, Emily, Sarah & Sarah, for a very pleasant evening, and I hope you enjoy Cold Comfort when it finally appears in March.

To review or not to review

30 October 2011

‘Just ignore the reviews, darling...’ It’s easy enough to say. But show me an author who doesn’t read reviews. Of course reviews are important. Reviews are hugely important – at least, good reviews are, particularly for a first novel. {Read more about: To review or not to review}

Bevroren tegoeden

11 October 2011

It’s the title my Dutch publisher, Karakter, has come up with for Frozen Out/Assets, and it seems it means something close to Frozen Assets. They’ve come up with an interesting cover and it should be on the shelves in Holland and Belgium early next year. {Read more about: Bevroren tegoeden}

Problemið með Íslensku

9 October 2011

What the hell have you people done to your language? Languages are supposedly dying off at the rate one every few days, and the way Icelandic has become bastardised, it’s nowhere near the back of the queue. It seems that the Nordic language that has altered least since the Saga age has changed more in the last twenty years  than in the preceding two hundred. {Read more about: Problemið með Íslensku}

Spooky US cover

24 September 2011

Soho over there in New York have come up with a striking cover for Cold Comfort, spooky and menacing. {Read more about: Spooky US cover}

Translation tales

16 September 2011

The German translation of Frozen Out/Assets, published by Bastei Lübbe as In Eisigem Wasser, hits the shelves today. It’s a step into the unknown, not so much because Germany is a new and highly important market, but because of the fact that although I failed a German ‘A’ level thirty years ago, it’s a new language. {Read more about: Translation tales}

Talking in Turktown

7 September 2011

On Thursday 15th September, 7.30, Gosport Library... sorry, Hampshire doesn’t have libraries any more. Gosport Discovery Centre is holding a Pathways to Getting Published evening, with literary agents, writers, etc, all mingling over wine and nibbles. {Read more about: Talking in Turktown}

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