Going Dutch

1 September 2011

Frozen Out and Cold Comfort have been bought by Dutch publisher Karakter. Hopefully this will please my friends in Holland and Belgium who have made the effort to read Frozen Out in English (Marc, Gijs, I mean you...). {Read more about: Going Dutch}

The Nordic Pretenders

12 August 2011

At first I thought it was just me, but I suppose I should have known better? There's a whole bunch of Nordic pretenders and probably a good few more I haven't heard of yet. {Read more about: The Nordic Pretenders}

Cold Comfort cover

3 August 2011

We have a cover for Cold Comfort, Gunnhildur the Cop’s second outing. It came as a surprise when someone pointed it out that the book is already listed on Amazon both in the UK and US. This is the UK cover that Constable & Robinson have come up with and it looks the business. {Read more about: Cold Comfort cover}

Yoga, al fresco, with gooseflesh

31 July 2011

Call it log-rolling of you like. Reviewing a friend’s work without declaring an interest isn’t the done thing. So, I can tell the world that I’ve known Tony Prower since he was a one-legged orphan living in a shoebox in Brockhurst Road. Since then, the missing leg has grown back, but he hasn’t let that hold him back for a moment. {Read more about: Yoga, al fresco, with gooseflesh}


13 July 2011

I'm still very much a new kid on this particular block, so don't get interviewed very often. So it's an interesting, if unnerving experience when it does happen, even when it's a long-distance interview via email such as this one a while ago with Barbara Fister at her excellent Scandinavian Crime Fiction blog; or this one more recently with JC Martin on her Fighter Writer blog.

Incidentally, the International Crime Authors Reality Check is well worth a look...

Mackerel mayhem

9 July 2011

Sometimes the fish stuff intrudes in its own sweet way. For those of you who didn’t know, the day job is writing about fisheries, hopefully in a fairly authoritative sort of way. It is actually interesting work, for the most part, although the intricacies of CFP reform and the working so the latest development in pelagic trawl gear aren’t to everyone’s tastes. In fact, it sends most people to sleep.
Occasionally I’m asked to contribute something to magazines other than the one I work for. These little guest spots don’t come around very often, but they tend to be fun in a fishy sort of way when they do. {Read more about: Mackerel mayhem}

The worrying growth of the To Be Read pile

6 July 2011

What do I read? It’s a question that keeps coming up and I hardly ever know what to say. There’s not really a lot of time to read anything other than stuff that’s connected to the day job. Not that the day job stuff is dull – au contraire – it was a source of pride to have sneak a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference into a review of a worthy tome about fisheries management that I did actually read all the way through. {Read more about: The worrying growth of the To Be Read pile}


27 June 2011

Just in case there are any Sussex residents reading this, just a reminder that Chichester festivities are coming up, including a panel consisting of Danny Miller, Helen Black and me all talking about crime fiction.
7th July, 7.30. Chichester Library. It seems that unlike Hampshire, Sussex still has libraries. Hampshire’s libraries are now ‘Discovery Centres.’

Winchester went well.

16 June 2011

A delightful bunch of people of impeccable taste showed up at the Winchester Discovery Centre (that’s a library) to listen to me and the thoroughly polished and glamorous Alison Bruce speak about our books. Have a look at Alison’s website and check out the song that pops up, sung by Alison’s husband Jacen. {Read more about: Winchester went well.}

International Crime Authors Reality Check

6 June 2011

Why take on another commitment? Don’t ask me, but I have, but it’s an honour to have been asked to join in at the International Crime Authors Reality Check. Half a dozen established writers in various parts of the world take part in it, shepherded into line by Christopher G Moore, with me and the Irish-born Rome-resident crime novelist Conor Fitzgerald invited to join the group. {Read more about: International Crime Authors Reality Check}

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