About Cold Steal

14 April 2014

Reykjavík has been plagued by an unusually skilled housebreaker who leaves no traces and is so discreet that his victims often don’t realise for weeks that their valuables have been spirited away.

But when a businessman is gunned down at his holiday retreat in killing that looks thoroughly professional, sergeant Gunnhildur Gísladóttir of the Reykjavík police’s serious crimes unit suddenly has more pressing things to think about than the burglar who has been making her colleagues’ lives a misery.

Her investigation into the dead man’s background reveals a network of underhand deals and people who had no reason to wish him well, plus some business partners with problems of their own that they’d prefer her not to delve into as one of them disappears with no explanation.

Then one night the housebreaker picks the lock of a smart new house and finds himself facing much more than he had bargained for, forced to use his skills to work for ruthless people who have effortlessly raised the stakes far higher than he can imagine. Gunnhildur and her team try to unravel the network of lies and violence that finally bring together the dead man’s killer, the hapless housebreaker and the vanished man’s scheming wife.