Excerpt from Summerchill

18 January 2016

Tadeusz's eyes widened and his mouth opened as he saw the leather-jacketed bear of a man on the floor. 'Hey, Logi? You did this, man?'
'Yep. The bastard tried to rob me. We had a fight and my hammer won.'
'A good carpenter always has a hammer close by,' the normally silent Marek said, laughing silently at his own joke.
'So what are we here for, Logi?' Tadeusz asked. 'Why don't you call the police? This is self-defence, 
'No. No police. This guy's an enforcer who collects debts. He has to vanish, like he was never here.'
Tadeusz and Marek exchanged glances, and Marek nodded.
'Where his car?' Marek demanded.
'In the street. The silver one in front of my pickup.' 
Marek held his hand out and Logi dropped the key into it. 
'We take this,' he said darkly, and disappeared out of the door. Logi heard the Outlander start and a moment later its engine was growling in his driveway, as close to the house as it could be without leaving tyre marks on the scrubby grass. 
Tadeusz and Marek lifted the body between them and bundled it roughly into the boot of the car, slamming the door shut and Marek locked it with the key. 
'Where are you taking him?' Logi asked.
'Don't ask. Anyone ask, you don't know,' Marek replied shortly. 'His pockets. You take anything?'
'Put it all back,' Logi said, suddenly feeling helpless with the problem taken so swiftly out of his hands. 
'Except this,' he added, pulling the wad of notes from his trouser pocket and handing it to Marek.
'You'd best have this,' he added and Tadeusz grinned. 
'Get some sleep, Logi. We fix this,' he said. 'See you at eight.'
'Let's make it nine tomorrow, shall we?’
Marek shook his head. 'Usual time. Everything usual. No changes,' he decreed, getting into the Outlander and starting the engine. Logi watched Marek swing the big car off his driveway and into the distance, with Tadeusz following in his Volkswagen, and he set about clearing up the hallway that Axel Rútur Karlsson had wrecked during his brief visit.