The Shape of Things To Come

31 December 2013

As it’s a new year, and to celebrate the continued rise of Nordic crime fiction, here’s a sneak preview of the latest Scandinavian sensation you haven’t heard about yet, the first chapter of the trilogy in four (or maybe five) parts of reclusive author Jan-Holger Sildquist’s Surströmming series. Until recently a little-known writer, Sildquist spent his early years in north Bråland where he came from a family of radical artisanal herring smokers. {Read more about: The Shape of Things To Come}

Chasing the elusive Lights, and Iceland Noir

4 December 2013

‘A crime festival in Reykjavík in November 2014? Good idea.’

‘Er, no… this year,’ we replied to a few disbelieving stares.

It’s an Icelandic thing. In Iceland things tend to happen fast or not at all. Sometimes it doesn’t work, often it comes off beautifully.

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Iceland Noir, early morning status update...

24 November 2013

 It’s the unholy hour of nine on a Sunday morning, it’s still night outside as far as I can see and I’m wondering why the hell I’m awake this early. Iceland Noir went with a bang yesterday and most of us up and about well past our usual bedtimes. {Read more about: Iceland Noir, early morning status update...}

Iceland Noir

16 September 2013

 Like many of the best ideas, it was born over a curry and there was beer involved as well.





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12 June 2013

 It has been a labour of love, a 25-year labour of love.

Many years ago I sat on the schoolbench at navigation college in Iceland, along with a bunch of other aspiring ship’s officers. The curriculum was broad, to say the least. As well as navigation, chartwork, stability, maritime law, meteorology and all the rest of it, English and Icelandic were required subjects. So was Danish, but we’ll gloss over that.

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All Over Bar the Tweeting

3 June 2013

 That’s CrimeFest over for this year. In fact, although I signed up in time to get to sit on a panel, I felt a complete fraud.




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A Fucked Up LIfe In Books

20 May 2013

 It's a name that catches your eye. It seems like a long time ago I was trawling the recesses of Twitter. This was a while after Frozen Out had been published and I’d been told that Twitter was the place to be, so I was following anyone who looked even slightly interesting. {Read more about: A Fucked Up LIfe In Books}

Living on top of history

29 April 2013

 It’s the kind of place where history oozes from around the stones at your feet. Iceland is a a newish sort of country, both historically and geologically. It appeared as the undersea faultlines of the North Atlantic ridge spewed out enough molten rock for it to finally break the surface and grow, long after the formation of Europe or the Americas. {Read more about: Living on top of history}

Listening in

24 April 2013

 Three of my books are being made into audiobooks. It’s being done for Audible, the Amazon-owned company that’s currently recording a vast number of books for its burgeoning download shop. Alongside the good news was a note of alarm and a last-minute call for help with pronouncing the trickier names. {Read more about: Listening in}

What do you think of it so far?

24 April 2013

 How’s it been going so far? Chilled to the Bone was published a few weeks back (Kindle) and a week ago (old-fashioned paper), so here's a quick before-and-after roundup. {Read more about: What do you think of it so far?}

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