New book sitrep

28 September 2014

 I’m sick of the sight of the book I’m working on at the moment. There, I’ve said it. I feel like I’ve admitted to hating my own child. But the feeling will pass... {Read more about: New book sitrep}

Writing Process Blog

11 May 2014

 There’s a game of internet tag that has been doing the rounds, with writers tagging each other to answer a series of questions about the processes behind their work. {Read more about: Writing Process Blog}

A reet canny trip to Geordieland

6 May 2014

 The last time I was in Newcastle I came there as a deckhand on a stormbound beamer when we spent three days tied up waiting for a howling northerly gale to blow itself out. {Read more about: A reet canny trip to Geordieland}

Cold Steak, sorry, Steal

24 April 2014


 Book number four, or number four-point-five, if you count the novella (Winterlude) published last year, is about to hit the shelves – virtual shelves, that is. Cold Steal is Kindle-only and I’ll be interested to see how it fares compared to the traditional dead tree books that preceded it.

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14 March 2014

The next few weeks are going to be busy ones with Cold Steal published in a couple of weeks and a few appearances coming up for me to stand up on the hind legs and pontificate. {Read more about: Events}

Cold Steal

25 February 2014

 It’s finally done. The edits are finished now that the eagle-eyed copyeditor has done her thing, the cover has been made up and it’s ready to go. Cold Steal is published on the 1st of April by C&R Crime.








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The Price of Fish

15 February 2014

 It’s forty years ago this month that the Gaul disappeared and the controversy over what happened to the ship and its 36 crew still isn’t over. {Read more about: The Price of Fish}

2013 in books

9 January 2014

 It was a pretty busy year. It didn’t feel like there was a lot of spare time. I keep fretting to myself that I don’t have enough time to read books, and having seen a slew of ‘Best of…’ blogs for 2013, I thought I’d do a rough count and see how good 2013 was as a reading year.




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The Shape of Things To Come

31 December 2013

As it’s a new year, and to celebrate the continued rise of Nordic crime fiction, here’s a sneak preview of the latest Scandinavian sensation you haven’t heard about yet, the first chapter of the trilogy in four (or maybe five) parts of reclusive author Jan-Holger Sildquist’s Surströmming series. Until recently a little-known writer, Sildquist spent his early years in north Bråland where he came from a family of radical artisanal herring smokers. {Read more about: The Shape of Things To Come}

Chasing the elusive Lights, and Iceland Noir

4 December 2013

‘A crime festival in Reykjavík in November 2014? Good idea.’

‘Er, no… this year,’ we replied to a few disbelieving stares.

It’s an Icelandic thing. In Iceland things tend to happen fast or not at all. Sometimes it doesn’t work, often it comes off beautifully.

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